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Learn to Play Drums in 4 Weeks

What if you could learn how to play drums in 4 weeks?  I think that with some dedication, a little practice each day and some help from www.LearnDrumsNow.com, YOU CAN DO IT!  And when you’ve reached your goal of playing the drums, it’s just the beginning of a fun and exciting life of playing music.

I’ve created a drum lesson plan for you to follow, learning new things each week that build on what you already know.  You will be investing time each day, but not all of that time needs to be spent with drumsticks in your hands.  You will learn to practice and improve while you are away from the drum set.  The most important thing is to do something related to playing the drums, no matter how small, each and every day.  Long hours of practice are not required.  In fact, it’s better to practice for a short period of time each day than to practice a long time one day and skip the next.

The drum lessons for each week of the 3 month plan are divided into 3 sections, a concept I call Head, Hands and Heart (H3):

  • Head:  You can practice without sitting behind a set of drums.  You’ll learn how thinking about a drum beat and visualizing yourself playing the drums will make practicing easier.
  • Hands (and Feet):  You will be a better drummer the more you practice.  Each lesson will focus on practicing the drums while playing music.
  • Heart:  To play music effectively, you must feel the groove of a song.  You will learn tips to “feel” the music in the Heart section of each lesson.

So here is your success plan for learning to play drums in a band within 3 months.

Week 1:  Learn To Play Your First Song
Head:  A Time, A Place and The Parts Of A Drum Set
Hands: Your First Drum Beat (No Drums Required)
Heart: Move Before You Groove

Week 2:  Playing with Sticks
Head: How to Buy and Hold…Drumsticks
Hands: Play Your First Song with Drumsticks
Heart: Clap To The Music – 2 and 4 is Hip

Week 3:  Learn To Play the Parts of a Song
Head: The Parts of a Song and What They Mean To a Drummer
Hands: How to Play a Closed Hi-Hat
Heart: Quiet Verse plus Loud Chorus equals Dynamic Drums

Week 4:  Learn To Play Drum Fills
Head: Practice Without Drums – Think Before You Play
Hands: What Are Drum Fills and How Are They Played?
Heart: How to Play Drum Fills Between Song Parts

These lessons are posted on this site; just click on a link to see the lesson.  I’m looking forward to helping you become a better drummer, no matter what level you are at now.  The most important thing to remember when following this plan is to have fun.  Don’t be concerned if you fall behind and it takes longer than expected.  It is better to keep going at a slower pace and enjoy what you are doing than to give up.  If you get discouraged, take a break from following the routine and just have fun playing the drums.  Remember why you started this journey and the enjoyment will come back.

5 Responses to “Learn to Play Drums in 4 Weeks”

  1. pete johal says:

    hi i just got my daughter a drum kit shes only 5 i would like to help her play a tune can you advise me at all many thanks

    • Doug says:

      What a great gift! I hope you and your daughter have a lot of fun together as she learns to play the drums.

      The steps to help her play a tune are basically the same as with a “grown up” but with some additional tips. Rather than leave a long comment, I’ve written a blog post here to give you some pointers to help your daughter learn to play drums:

      Have fun and let us know how she progresses!

  2. ay-sticks says:

    Doug. Have never heard of you but due to the things have seenon this website, you are now my hero!

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  4. Darren P says:

    Drum lessons in 4 weeks is just so amazing. The best thing is that, drum lessons is not only for kids but for any age as well. A good investment for everyone.