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What’s My Story?

Now that we’ve covered an overview of LearnDrumsNow.com (in my first blog post here), I’d like to introduce myself and tell you a little bit about my musical background.  I started playing the drums at a young age and have played all different styles of music in all different kinds of bands.  I’ve studied with some of the greatest drummers in the world, have travelled all over the United States playing music and made many friends through music.  My hope is that, through the http://www.LearnDrumsNow.com/ website, I can help you fulfill your musical dreams by sharing some of my experience and knowledge.

Some of my earliest memories are of sitting on the floor in the kitchen, playing pots and pans with spoons, forks and knives. I remember being excited to learn that hitting a pot in the center gave a different tone than hitting it on the edge.  It was a great day when my dad came home with a Black Pearl snare drum!  It’s amazing to think my parents tolerated the sound of drums in our small home without ever complaining.

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Teaching Kids to Play Drums

So that young person in your family got a drum set for Christmas, maybe like the one you see here.   They were so excited and surprised to get such a wonderful gift.  You helped them unpack and set up the drums.  They quickly picked up the drumsticks, sat down behind the set and started trying to hit everything at once, like Animal, the crazed drummer on Sesame Street.

They played the drums and cymbals for a while until they realized that there were foot pedals that would hit the bass drum and close the hi-hat cymbals.  They stopped playing with their hands and started playing with their feet.  They may have even tried to play hands and feet together.

The sound of the drums and cymbals was cool.  But when they played all the drums and cymbals at the same time it didn’t quite sound like the drum beat on their favorite iPod tune. Unfortunately, the excitement quickly wore off.  What should you do next to keep them interested in playing the drums?

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Welcome to Learn Drums Now

Thank you for visiting www.LearnDrumsNow.com. My hope is that this site will help you begin (or continue) a never-ending, lifelong journey of learning about drums and music. Even if you’ve played the drums for awhile, I think you’ll find some new information that can be applied to the drum set and to your musical setting.

The purpose of the information on LearnDrumsNow.com is to help you quickly learn how to play the drums so that you can start to play music with others. Over the course of the next several months, we’ll start by learning a drum set concept called Head, Hands and Heart (3H):