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Archive for November, 2012

Is Sheet Music Used When You Play Drums in a Band?

We need data! We can’t guess about something as important as a drummer using sheet music to play in a band. And what’s the best way to get data from a drummer? Hang out at the local drum store?  How about conducting a phone survey? But before we get into the phone survey, let me […]


Can You Get Sheet Music for Drums?

Want to know every single note that drumming great Kenny Aronoff played on the John Cougar Mellencamp hit Hurts So Good?  Did you ever wonder at what tempo Green Day drummer Tre’ Cool played American Idiot?  Do you know what Charlie Watts played at the beginning of the Rolling Stones hit Brown Sugar? The answers to these questions […]


Relax…It’s Just a Drum Set!

Do your hand and foot muscles start to hurt while you play the drums? Do you get blisters on your fingers from holding your drumsticks too tight? After you play the drums does your back ache? Do you have a chipped front tooth and don’t know how it happened? Do you have trouble playing fast […]


Mel Brown – Drum Teacher Knows Best

An open letter to Mel Brown, great drummer, teacher and mentor from Portland, Oregon: Dear Mel, It was great to hear you at Jimmy Mak’s last week after so many (too many!) years.  My wife and I decided to spend a long weekend at a downtown Portland hotel so it was a short walk to […]