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Archive for October, 2012

Practice Without Drums – Think Before You Play

Visualize Playing the Drums Did you know that you don’t have to be sitting behind a set of drums to practice playing the drum set? There is a technique called visualization that will allow you to create a mental picture as if you were playing the drums. We’re following a plan to play drums in 4 weeks and […]


How To Play the Bo Diddley Drum Beat

Once you hear it you’ve got to start movin’. You may not know how to dance; you may not even want to dance. But once you hear a Bo Diddley beat, your body starts to move in mysterious ways. The Bo Diddley drum beat is the last of the 6 beats that I think can […]


A Crazy Saturday Night Playing Drums at the County Fair

It’s our last 2 shows of the weekend at the Clallam County Fair.  To get to this point, I’ve loaded my drums in the car, travelled 3 hours, set up my drums 3 times for 3 shows, had a mildly upset stomach from eating “road food” and have spent 29 of the past 31 hours […]


How to Play a Blues Shuffle Drum Beat

For a drummer, nothing feels better than playing a straight-ahead, no-frills blues shuffle “in the groove” like the one below. Even though “groove” in this case is a feeling, drummers will have fun talking about “groove” as if it’s a real, physical thing, like a crease in the pavement or the groove on a vinyl […]