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Archive for May, 2012

How I Learned 40 Songs in 2 Days

A New Gig One evening after working my day job, I made an off-handed comment to my guitar-playing buddy, Ross, that I was interested in playing the drums more than a couple times a month with the church band. It had been several months since I had played with a club band and I was […]


Reading Feelings from Paper – How to Read Drum Fills

Don’t Forget the Feeling There are many reasons why someone wants to play the drums.  I started playing because I love music and rhythm.  I loved the way the drums made me feel when I listened to them in a song.  In fact, when I was growing up, I was so focused on the drums […]


The Key to Reading Drum Music

In order to unlock the super dark secrets of reading drum music (it’s really pretty easy), you’re going to need a key.  And that key is knowing which drum or cymbal corresponds to which note on the musical staff. With a tonal instrument like a piano or violin, the notes on the musical staff are […]


How to Read Musical Notes and Rests

When musicians are expected to play a tough piece of music by looking at the notes on a page, they often refer to it as “reading fly crap.”  The notes appear to completely cover the sheet as if it was once the floor in a cage filled with flies.    In the next 3 posts we […]