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Archive for April, 2012

5 Key Parts of Drum Music Notation – Boring!

This could be the most boring information about drumming that you’ll ever read.  I thought about building a goofy story around reading drum music but I think you’ll appreciate going straight through the information without distraction.  You’ll have a better chance of being a successful drummer if you can read music. And this information is […]


Should You Learn How to Read Drum Music?

Buddy Rich Didn’t Read Music Some drummers have had very successful careers without learning to read music.  Buddy Rich, one of the greatest drummers of all time, did not read music.  He played with the best musicians of his time and is still admired by drummers of all ages, all without reading a note. Listen […]


How to Play Drum Fills Between Song Parts

It’s time to review the individual skills you’ve learned and use them all together to play a song.  What you’ve learned so far is how to play a basic drum beat (see “Play Your First Song with Drumsticks”), how songs are structured (see “The Parts of a Song and What They Mean To a Drummer”) […]


What Are Drum Fills and How Are They Played?

I remember the day I got my first drum set like it was yesterday. The first thing I wanted to learn how to play was a rock beat like the one you learned in “Your First Drum Beat (No Drums Required).”  The second thing I wanted to learn was a short, 8 beat drum fill […]