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Archive for March, 2012

Quiet Verse plus Loud Chorus equals Dynamic Drums

What comes to mind when you hear that something or someone is “dynamic”?  I think of someone with a dynamic personality as being interesting, outgoing and always having something to offer.  I also think of the weather in Seattle, where I live, as being dynamic.  A sunny sky can turn to rain and back to […]


How to Play a Closed Hi-Hat

Have you ever watched a drummer and noticed how they play a lot of the time with their arms crossed, one over the other?  It looks very odd the first time you see it but there’s a reason why drummers play with crossed arms.  It has to do with hitting the hi-hat cymbals (instead of […]


The Parts of a Song and What They Mean To a Drummer

Every drummer eventually hears the joke about how many people in a band: 3 musicians and a drummer.  Or how to confuse a drummer: Put a sheet of music in front of them.  Our goal as drummers should be to play as musically as possible so we can laugh at these jokes knowing that we […]


Clap To The Music – 2 and 4 is Hip

Have you ever attended a gospel music church service?  The closest I’ve come is on three separate occasions:  two gospel brunches at the House of Blues in Las Vegas and Los Angeles (“Praise the Lord and pass the biscuits!”) and a performance of the Black Nativity in Seattle. We’re following a plan to play drums in 4 […]


Play Your First Song with Drumsticks

You are now ready to play your first song using drumsticks on a real or close-to-real drum set using what you’ve learned in previous lessons!  Let’s quickly review what you know and how you can use it.  You’ve learned how to sit at a drum set (see “A Time, A Place and The Parts Of […]